Sundown & Lawn Chairs

Paul Ryan's acoustic country style draws from both traditional and contemporary bluegrass and acoustic country forms.

Songs on Sundown & Lawn Chairs include inspirational songs, nostalgic songs, songs about love and love gone bad, and plain old fun songs. In order to deliver the desired musical ambience and flavors, a wide variety of acoustic instrumentation was used during recording.

"Acoustic instrumentation has always been my choice" says Paul, "a result of a lifelong interest in the way the early giants played. Pioneers like Muddy Waters, Leadbelly and later on Earl Scruggs, and others helped shape a lot of today's music, and they often did so with acoustic sounds. Also acoustic music somehow seems to be about as earthy, genuine and honest as it gets".

All songs were written and recorded during 2011.

* * *

It's no secret that there is a shift occurring right now with regard to acoustic music genre definitions. And while I'd call my music "acoustic country" other descriptions might fit just as well. These days, there is a blurring of acoustic genre definitions I think. During a recent trip to Nashville, I heard some fantastic Acadian, Cajun, Gospel, Americana, new-grass, and folk artists performing in venues normally associated with traditional bluegrass. So times are indeed changin'. — Paul