Latest Release:

An Acoustic Country Christmas

An Acoustic Country Christmas is Paul Ryan's fifth CD. Unlike the others, this album is done with acoustic instruments (no singing, no songwriting), and Paul performs upbeat classics such as
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells as well as solemn hymns and carols such as Ave Maria and Silent Night. Main instruments used for the recordings are: guitars (dreadnaughts, classic, and baritone); dobro; banjo and double bass.

Format: Full CD (10 Tracks)
Year of Release: 2014

Previous Releases:

Dixie, I Call It Home

Paul collaborated with Nashville's John Foster on a single "Dixie, I Call it Home". Paul wrote the
song, and John performs it. Foster's rich musical background includes touring with the Beach Boys', working with Charlie Daniels and many other noteworthy engagements.

Format: Single
Year of Release: 2013

Sundown & Lawn Chairs

Sundown & Lawn Chairs is Paul Ryan's fourth CD. As a songwriter, Paul has a unique ability to create and blend lyrics and melody together. The result has been described by listeners and industry people as songs that 'paint pictures', and songs that are 'vivid' or 'organic', and this style is evident when you hear songs in the album Sundown and Lawn Chairs.

Format: Full CD (12 Tracks)
Year of Release: 2011

The Road Less Traveled

During a trip to beautiful Southern California, Paul had the time to write some of the songs on The Road Less Traveled album. Among these were "Hey Cabbie, Seabird, Highway 101 and others. Seabird is interesting in that it resulted from a true story. On a beach one morning, a seagull landed near Paul and was followed by a group of other birds. The leader bird began pecking at a piece of wood, and when the others came too close, he chased them away. For Paul, it was a lesson in leadership, and the result was a song.

Format: Full CD (15 Tracks)
Year of Release: 2008

Home Cooked Music

Do you like the cover photo on this CD? It was taken by Juris Kornets, a well-respected professional photographer in Canada, and author of a beautiful book of his work. Juris selected a canola field nearby the town of Collingwood (Ontario) to do the shoot on one hot summer day. Songs on the album include true stories such as Dark River, and Who's That Knockin', and Scattered- a song anyone engaged in today's fast paced daily life understands too well.

Format: Full CD (15 Tracks)
Year of Release: 2005


Comeback is Paul's first recording after a three decade hiatus. All the material is original, written and recorded by Paul. When the album was initially released, one radio personality described it as "coffeehouse" music. Songs included in the studio "comeback" range from a Tribute to Ludwig Von Beethoven, to Old Friend, a song about a buddy Paul knew during his initial music career, who passed away before his time.

Format: Full CD (16 Tracks)
Year of Release: 2003