The Road Less Traveled

Anyone who has ever taken a risk, chased after a dream, or simply tried something new has been down The Road Less Traveled. It's a place shared by those climbing high mountains, writing a first novel, or maybe just improving their life. The title song of the CD is about such struggles, and reaching out for that dream.

On the Road Less Traveled CD, there are songs about true events (Emily and Pine Pond Place); songs Paul wrote during a trip to beautiful southern California (Seabird and Highway 101); songs about the human condition (Dotcom Diva and Old Moon); a love song (The Matter of a Heart); "hurtin'" songs (Hey, Cabbie and Walk Away), and there is even a song about a football game (Winner's Ring).

All songs on The Road Less Traveled CD were been composed, arranged, performed and mixed by Paul Ryan. The instruments that Paul used for recordings were all acoustic and include: