About Paul Ryan...

Paul RyanMy musical career is quite different from many artists in that it spans two separate eras. During the 1960's as a (very) young man I was a member of a Toronto-based duet (The Voyageurs). We played a number of venues including the Grand Ole Opry (at Ryman) in Nashville, and Massey Hall, and The Village Corner in Toronto.I have a lifetime of fond memories of meeting and talking music with some of the great artists of that era, and performing on shows with them.

After that period I attended college, and went on to work in the business world. But the music was never far away. So decades later, after watching and listening to bluegrass and acoustic country music from a distance, the lure of writing and playing pulled me back, and it wasn't long before I was back in the studio.

In 2003 my first CD ("Comeback") was released, some thirty seven years after the earlier career had ended (with solo single "Roseanne"). Since coming back, An Acoustic Country Christmas is the fifth album. The latest three projects are in the box below and the earlier works are linked at the bottom of this page.

Paul Ryan